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Through innovative software solutions, we bring a competitive advantage to customers. We try to approach solutions creatively and look for new revolutionary ideas and solutions that increase process efficiency and business performance.

Our ability to communicate, understand your needs and provide support creates a strong foundation for long-term collaboration. You get a reliable partner who will stand behind your success.

…in the field of software development allow us to provide solutions at the highest level.

…solutions that are reliable, efficient, thoroughly tested and validated.

…individual customer needs require adapted solutions to their requirements…



CODECON is an inspiring place for all intelligent, introverted, extroverted and even a bit flighty developers. This was developers zone, the developers world… Everyone was welcome. Totally experienced devs, opensource ultras and also newcomers from universities.



of cooperation


we Value long-term cooperation

In everything we work on, we put our know-how and serious approach in order to achieve the best possible result. This is probably why our partners turn into our friends, which is the basis for long-lasting cooperation.

Photo from 2008 from conference in Czestochowa, Radom, where was first time presented idea about create solution for primary school teachers. From right side: Prof. Ing. Ladislav Várkoly, PhD., dr hab. prof. UR Robert Kiełtyka, Mgr. Juliána Klaučová, Mgr. René Klaučo, PhD.

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Do you know PMI80?

Started 20-years before with the first CPU instructions written for the PMI-80. It was a single-board microcomputer produced by Tesla Piešťany, Czechoslovakia, since 1982. It was based on the MHB 8080A CPU (a Tesla clone of the Intel 8080), clocked at 1.111 MHz.

Instead of a raster graphic display output and classical keyboard, it had a calculator-style nine-digit seven-segment red LED display and a 25-key calculator-type keypad with hexadecimal and function keys (including hardware REset and Interrupt). The PMI-80 had 1 KiB of ROM (expandable to 2 KiB) and fixed 1 KiB of RWM. Eight (expandable to 32) I/O lines were provided for user along with complete system bus.


“A good deal is when everyone involved is happy.”
(J. Baťa 1898-1965)

We bring super fast development with minimum resources

Our development process in our preferred technology stack is powered by AI technologies to be faster and more effective, which brings a competitive advantage to our customers.

AI powered development & integration

…we are saving our customers time and development costs

Cloud technologies

…we are saving customers time and maintenance costs

Implemented solution

Ready solutions that brings value!

Kaizen Tracker

Professional project management solution for effective tracking Kaizen Projects and important production failures.

iSchool Social Network

Startup of biggest digital library and social network created especially for primary, secondary and high-school teachers.

Reliability Testing Solution

Unique solution for cover all management of reliability testing, data collection and automated data analysis to detect problems.

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