IT Freelance and Guarantors team

Mgr. René Klaučo, PhD.

Founder of multiple online platforms and SW solutions. Experienced senior SW/HW developer and project leader focused to web applications, data acquisition, collection and post-processing. In the past, he worked as a university teacher at a technical university.

Mgr. Juliána Klaučová

Education management and specialist for modern digital education possibilities. Co-founder of “Internet school”, online platform and digital library of educational materials.

Prof. Ing. Ladislav Várkoly, PhD.

Lifetime experiences focused to modern technologies in technical education and material science. Founder of international conference focused to modern technologies and education “Day Trends of Innovations”. Author of many professional publications. Assessor of European projects in the field of Informatics, member of the Polish accreditation commission.

Dipl. Ing. Ján Michalko, CSc.

Lifetime experiences focused to modern technologies in economics and education. Author of many professional publications.

Ondrej Kyzek

Experienced super-senior software developer in a wide range of programming languages and technologies. He currently focuses to web and mobile application development

…and more members

More team members experienced with software management, development and testing. We are always looking for new members and new opportunities for cooperation.